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Character Sketches 6: Peter Adisono, shadow of a giant

Photo by puroticorico

How do you live up to the reputation of an intellectual giant, a leader of the masses, a martyr murdered by the Suharto regime?

Such are the concerns of Peter, son of the famous leftist intellectual, Rudi Adisono. Plagued by indecision, prone to well intentioned sentimentality, Peter seems to make a mess of everything he turns his hand to. Yet wherever he bungles he is protected from the consequences of his actions by his rich and influential family.

Whereas his father may have been an agitator who made the regime feel uneasy whenever he made one of his pronouncements or calls to action, no one is the slightest bit interested in anything Peter thinks or has to say. He would probably have been squashed years ago, or tossed in jail and left to rot, were it not for his connection through marriage to the notorious Benny Surikano. Uncle Benny, as he is ironically known, is married to the sister of Peter’s mother, both women being themselves the daughters of a once prominent general. Needless to say, uncle and nephew eye each other with mutual loathing, contempt and distrust.

So when Peter, who’d been set up in a nice comfortable teaching position, exposes his high school students to some slightly radical ideas, it’s not Peter who ends up in jail for sedition, but one of his luckless charges. Peter is removed from his post and found a position where even he can’t cause much trouble or mess things up too badly, teaching Indonesian culture to the children of the American and European expats.

Much like Eddie, Peter has drifted through his teens and twenties, letting life happen to him. It takes stumbling into Francesca’s orbit to introduce him to the virtues of decisive action…